Air Conditioner Pipe

The installation of the air conditioners is a pivotal job. If the installation is done accurately, your air conditioner will give perfect cooling, but if it is not done properly you would not get the perfect cooling effect. Poor installation also leads to a lot of maintenance problems.

To have a better understanding of the piping, let's take a look at how an air conditioner works. There are three main components in an air conditioner.

1. An evaporating coil
2. A compressor
3. A condenser

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Evaporating coils are placed inside the air conditioner, while the compressor and condenser are placed in the outer unit. This setup is identical for window ACs, however, all the components are placed into a single unit.

viyantahomeservices ac Pipes

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The entire cooling process in AC works in a close circuit, so piping plays a vital role. If these pipes are of poor quality, there are chances of leakage and cracks. It can make your AC not work properly. They can also retain too much heat rendering the air conditioner inefficient.

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