Why Choose Us:: Benefits of Viyanta Home Services

"Because the problem is not the broken device, rather it’s to find the right guy to fix it"

What a local repair mechanic and unorganized small establishments can’t provide:

  • Not all can provide competent and trained mechanics able to fix all kinds of appliances
  • Not all can provide post repair guarantee of their work
  • Not all can guarantee punctuality and fixed timeline for their work
  • Not all can assure you the quality of parts they use
  • Not all can be trusted for not replacing your genuine parts with low grade components
  • Not all can provide a free quote pre repair and a promise of no additional charges post repair
  • Not all can provide a professional conduct to their customers
  • Not all are accessible 24 X 7

What Viyanta offers to its customers:

Viyanta is a premier and experienced repair, maintenance and installation services provider in Delhi and other NCR. We follow a customer first approach and our services are reliance, fast and convenient. Our success in providing hassle free services to our customers is evident from the fact that a number of our customers are coming to us from past 10-15 years. Some of the key features of our services are:

  • We've highly trained and multiple years experienced technicians for all repair, maintenance and installation jobs
  • We provide post repair no questions asked 90 days guarantee of all our work
  • We guarantee punctuality and offer a 50% flat discount to our service charges in case we are late for the job
  • We use only high quality spare parts and also provide an inventory of all the parts we used to service your device
  • We provide a free pre-work quotation and the same amount is charged post-work without any surprise charges
  • We are professionals and be assured that each member of Viyanta is prescreened, for his / her credentials, before hiring him / her to our team
  • We can be reached 24 X 7 through our multi-channel request system

Our operations cover entire NCR region including all over North, West, South and East Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Vaishali, Kaushambi and Noida. We also provide 3 hours express service in all these areas. We provide AMC packages for both household and industrial clients located in these regions.